A visual resume gives a clean, systematic and visually-appealing presentation to your achievements, skills & professional journey. It gives you an edge over competitors and enriches your personal brand.

Recruiters prefer the resumes which are quick and easy to scan. As per a recent study, done on recruiter’s decision-making behavior, the resumes with visual presentation and highlighted key information were given top priority by the recruiters. Get your visual resume designed with us. We create organized and visually- appealing resumes with well-designed graphics. With a concise & coherent graphical presentation of your achievements, skills and, experience, we make your visual resume effective, professional and easy to scan

Unique clutter breaking look and serves to emphasize your Achievements, Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

Are visual resumes a good idea?

Surely your career history should speak for itself - won't a visually appealing resume detract from some of the amazing stories that you have to tell? Well, as mentioned above, you are doing your brain a disservice. We are perfectly capable is processing multiple streams of information simultaneously. While the hiring manager is immersing themselves in your career story, their eyes will still be stimulated by the visuals. 90% of information transmitted to our brain is visual, after all.

How do you write a visual resume?

Generally, work searchers don't "express" a visual resume themselves. Millions do, in any case, choose to pick a resume from an online resume developer. As you have decided to visit, here is our visual resume theory:
At the point when we began, we inclined vigorously a few visual resume components that have been investigated by a few driving UX organizations like for instance. Piecing content methods separating it into little and unmistakable units of data. This permits our mind to deal with each part and respite before the following one. The "negative" blank area in a very much planned visual resume hence takes on another significance. While the page ought not be half-unfilled, mull over topping off each line with additional words. That void area will be spent taking in what valuable words have effectively been composed. As most continues are utilized as memory helps in a new employee screening circumstance, you don't need them to be excessively "occupied." The best visual resumes help work searchers to pack their data into significant lumps.